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Plex's new CloudSync service lets users stream media straight from Dropbox

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Plex Home Theater
Plex Home Theater

The flexibility of media streaming software Plex is getting a nice upgrade with the introduction of CloudSync, a service that will let users upload their Plex media to Dropbox for remote streaming without needing a central server. Plex typically requires a computer to be turned on at all times to serve the media that it organizes, but now users will be able to send movies, music, and pictures to Dropbox. From there, users can access their Plex content from mobile devices without that local machine being turned on, a particularly useful feature for the many people who don't leave their machines running at all times. GigaOm notes that Plex is hoping to add other cloud services going forward, so if you're not a Dropbox user, hold tight — your favorite service might be coming soon. As it is now, this fixes one of Plex's biggest downsides. Plex is showing this hardware off at CES, so we'll check it out and see how it works.