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Nuance hopes to make cross-platform voice recognition a reality with Project Wintermute

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Nuance Dragon Mobile Assistant
Nuance Dragon Mobile Assistant

Companies like Apple and Google are positioning voice recognition services as personal assistants, but any information shared with them is tied to the specific platforms. Nuance is trying to change that Project Wintermute, a platform agnostic voice recognition service that lives in the cloud. The Next Web took a look at Nuance’s new service in action, with Wintermute intelligently saving search queries and context across platforms. Asking about the score of a football game on a smartphone, for example, saw Wintermute correctly pulling up the relevant info. When a Dragon-equipped TV was then asked to "put the game on," the Notre Dame match began playing without any mention of the teams involved.

If anyone is in a position to take some attention away from Siri and Google Now, it’s Nuance. The company has been at the forefront of voice recognition for some time, and it’s no secret that Nuance’s technology powers Apple’s smart assistant. Adding a cross-platform cloud service into the mix will definitely shake things up, but the pressure will definitely be on Nuance to deliver its promises.