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Verizon announces 9.8 million smartphone sales and a 'higher mix' of iPhones in late 2012

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Verizon Wireless store (STOCK)
Verizon Wireless store (STOCK)

Shortly after AT&T announced it had sold 10 million smartphones during the fourth quarter of 2012, competitor Verizon has followed suit. In a filing, the company said it had activated 9.8 million smartphones — that doesn't necessarily mean it sold all of them, but it's likely the same statistic AT&T reported. Verizon sold 6.8 million smartphones in the third quarter, compared to AT&T's 6.1 million. In terms of subscribers, Verizon added 2.1 million post-paid connections, a jump from last quarter's 1.5 million; despite this, it's expecting slightly lower earnings than in the last quarter of 2011. We probably won't see too many more details until Verizon actually releases its financial results for the quarter, but the company did note that it saw a "higher mix of Apple smartphones" in those activations, something that's not necessarily a surprise given the recent release of the iPhone 5.