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Watch This: Pebble's 'big news' smartwatch announcement at 9AM PT / 12PM ET

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pebble orange
pebble orange

Pebble is one of Kickstarter's biggest success stories, raising more than $10 million from 85,000 backers excited about a watch that connects to your phone and provides apps, features, and notifications. But since it hit its funding goal, the Pebble's been riddled with delays, especially as the company has tried to ramp up production.

Now Pebble has "big news." The company's been teasing an announcement at CES, saying "it's time" — time for the Pebble to ship, maybe? Time for more delays? Time for us to finally toss out our dumbwatches in favor of something a little smarter? We're not sure, but Pebble's streaming the event live this morning from Vegas starting at 9AM — we'll be there, fingers crossed.