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Capturing the moment: artists photograph the origins of tweets in 'Geolocation'

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geolocation twitter art
geolocation twitter art

Photographers Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman have come together to pair public tweets with their own photography in the ongoing project Geolocation. The two scan Twitter for messages that are text only, and have location data, then travel to where the tweet originated to photograph where they believe the tweet was sent from. According to Wired, the two typically reach the locations a week or two after the message is sent, although occasionally arrive at their destinations in an hour in an attempt to photograph the exact situation that inspired the tweet. In one photo, for example, a car sits in a mostly empty hotel parking lot, and underneath is the text "Tell me I'm not making a mistake. Tell me you're worth the wait." The two have traveled to around the United States and to the UK to create Geolocation, and hope to eventually do the same in South Korea, Kosovo, Russia and the Middle East.