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LG crams Netflix, Vudu, and other video-on-demand services into a sound bar (hands-on)

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LG Smart Sound Bar
LG Smart Sound Bar

We've seen Netflix, Vudu, and other streaming services crammed into numerous home theater devices over the past few years, but bringing video-on-demand to a sound bar is one of the more novel concepts we've seen at CES this year. And that's what LG's done with the NB3730A (also being referred to as the Smart Sound Bar), eliminating the need to invest in one of its TVs to access the company's Smart TV platform. It's a 2.1-channel offering that puts out 300 watts worth of power. LG is also including a wireless subwoofer in the package, slated to arrive sometime this year at an as-yet undisclosed price.

As for which services you'll be able to stream, the company says it hasn't decided on a final lineup, but obvious selections include Netflix, Vudu, and Best Buy's CinemaNow. Unfortunately we couldn't get a great sense of how this sound bar sounds; the demo unit we saw on the floor wasn't outputting audio. But sound bars have rarely met the needs of audiophiles and other home theater aficionados, instead serving as a nice way to cut down on living room clutter. And with LG's new offering, you may be able to hide away that Roku box as well.