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RIM to target multiple price points with 'at least' six BlackBerry 10 devices in 2013

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Gallery Photo: BlackBerry 10 SDK Beta 3 photos
Gallery Photo: BlackBerry 10 SDK Beta 3 photos

We know that RIM plans to launch BlackBerry 10 with two devices, but the company won't stop there. In an interview with Fierce Wireless, CMO Frank Boulben said that there will be at least six BlackBerry 10 phones released in 2013, and that the company would aim to hit a range of price points.

RIM reportedly has no exclusive carrier agreements in place, and Boulden says that this frees the company up to target the high, middle, and low end of the market. With the company struggling in the high-end segment, its traditional strength at the low end may prove crucial to BlackBerry 10's fortunes. It's unclear, however, if this signals a move away from the strategy to continue offering BlackBerry 7 devices.