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Belkin's wireless Wemo light switch can be controlled with your smartphone (hands-on)

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Belkin Wemo Light Switch
Belkin Wemo Light Switch

Belkin is showing off the latest advancements in its Wemo Home Control system, a system that takes advantage of home Wi-Fi networks instead of proprietary communication protocols to make home automation simpler. For starters, the company is planning to release an Android app for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher that will let people control their Wemo-connected appliances. There's also a new Wemo light switch, which is set to launch in the summer alongside the Android app — you can install it in place of a standard light switch and control it with Belkin's Wemo apps. Like other Wemo products, the new light switch can be controlled over Wi-Fi or mobile networks, and it appeared to work just as expected in the quick demo we got at Belkin's CEO booth.

Belkin also announced a new plan to integrate with home appliances from companies like Sunbeam, Crock-pot, Mr. Coffee, and Oster. These future devices will have Wemo built-in, so Belkin's remote will let you control them without having to plug into the Wemo outlet. Between these forthcoming products, Wemo's integration with IFTTT, and the upcoming Android app, Wemo should be even easier to integrate into consumers' homes.