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Viewsonic prepping 24-inch Android 4.1 display and 32-inch 4K monitor for later this year

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Viewsonic 24-inch Android display
Viewsonic 24-inch Android display

Viewsonic was behind one of the stranger products we saw at Computex last June: a 22-inch display that ran a clean version of Android 4.0. The company has unveiled an updated version of the product here at CES — a 24-inch, 1080p touchscreen that runs Android 4.1 and includes USB ports for hooking up a keyboard and mouse. The internals have been upgraded to a Tegra 3 processor, and it also has micro and mini HDMI ports for plugging in other machines. Viewsonic specifically noted that you could hook up a Windows 8 computer and take advantage of the operating system's built-in touch capabilities. The company even added a blank area to the screen that lets Windows 8 users activate the edge-swiping gestures that are so integral to the OS. The screen looks a bit better than the model we saw at Computex, but it's still not the most high-end screen out there — but if you need a touchscreen and want to play around with a giant Android 4.1 tablet on the side, this screen might be for you. It'll retail for $499 when it launches later this year.

The company also showed off its 4K prototype monitor which will be shipping near the end of the year. While the housing itself doesn't look like a final version, the 3,840 x 2,160, 16:9 panel itself was as sharp and clear as you'd hope to see, with solid viewing angles. The massive resolution should be a boon to professionals, much like LG's 30-inch 4K panel that we checked out earlier today. There's no word on what it'll cost or when exactly it'll be available.