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Spotify now lets users follow artists and tastemakers directly from the web

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Spotify web player stock 640
Spotify web player stock 640

Spotify is making it easier than ever to start following musicians, record labels, and other curators with the debut of its own "Follow" button for the web. Alongside buttons to subscribe to different parties' updates on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, you could soon start seeing websites add buttons that will allow you to immediately begin following their profile on Spotify as well. An example of one of the buttons is below:

The web button isn't otherwise changing the follow feature that Spotify launched this spring. Following others will surface what they're listening to, what playlists they've put together, and for artists, what new music they've put out. Those content to listen to their favorite tracks from decades past may have little need for following a mass of others, but for anyone looking to keep up on the hottest new music, Spotify's making it all that much simpler to make sure you're following your favorite tastemakers.