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YouTube looks to dethrone MTV with its own music awards

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First ever 'YMAs' coming November 3rd

youtube awards
youtube awards

YouTube is set to move into the awards business with its first ever awards ceremony. This November, the Google-owned video giant will hold the YouTube Music Awards, a live event featuring performances from across the globe. Industry stalwarts like Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Arcade Fire, along with YouTube-native stars including CDZA and Lindsey Stirling will perform in London, Seoul, Moscow, and Rio, with the main event taking place in New York City. Jason Schwartzman will host the awards, with Spike Jonze signed up as creative director.

Fittingly, nominations for the awards will be based on the videos watched and shared by YouTubers over the past year. The winners themselves will be determined by the number of views and social shares by viewers. Nominees will be announced on October 17th, two and a half weeks before the awards take place on November 3rd.

"The whole night should feel like a YouTube video."

Although the event is unlikely to displace the MTV VMAs as the pop spectacle of the year, YouTube is looking to cement its position as the destination for online video. "We're setting out to create a night that's all about making things and creativity in the spirit of everyone that uses YouTube," says creative director Spike Jonze. "As well as giving out awards, we'll be making live music videos. The whole night should feel like a YouTube video itself."