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GoPro debuts smaller, more wearable cameras with improved optics

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GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition
GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition

GoPro has refreshed its line of wearable, mountable cameras, making them smaller, lighter, and generally improving their specs across the board. The new Hero3+ series consists of a trio of cameras, all three of which are smaller than the outgoing Hero3 cameras. The Hero3+ Black Edition is the company's new flagship. Priced at $399, it features reworked optics for what GoPro calls a "far sharper" picture, a new 16:9 SuperView mode, and faster wireless connection.

GoPro also claims improved low-light performance with the Black Edition thanks to a new feature that automatically adjusts the frame rate while you film. It's 20 percent smaller than the Hero3 Black Edition, and battery life — an important spec given the camera's use-case — is said to be improved by up to 30 percent. Like the previous flagship model, it's capable of shooting at 4K resolution at 15fps, 2.7K at 30fps, 1440p at 48fps, 1080p at 60fps, 960p at 100fps, and 720p at 120fps.

GoPro says all the above footage was shot using a Hero3+ camera.

The new Silver Edition can shoot high-resolution, high-frame rate video

The new $299 Silver Edition improves over the previous model with 60fps 1080p and 120fps 720p video capabilities, and also features the Black Edition's improved wireless performance. Like the Black Edition, it's slightly smaller than the outgoing Hero3 equivalent, with GoPro claiming a 15 percent reduction is overall size. The $199 Hero3+ White Edition retains the previous generation's optics and specs, but similarly reduces the size of the camera's casing by 15 percent.

All three cameras are waterproof to 40 meters (roughly 130 feet), and are compatible with a range of accessories and the GoPro app. They're available to purchase directly from GoPro and other retailers now.