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Your next Bang won't be With Friends

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bang with friends
bang with friends

Zynga sued hookup app Bang With Friends earlier this year over the use of the phrase "with friends" that it typically uses for games like Words With Friends and Chess With Friends. After Bang With Friends was forced to rename itself to Down, the two companies have now settled their dispute. Down will now be renamed again, and CEO Colin Hodge says he's pleased the companies have "reached an amicable resolution" over the dispute.

The new branding will come into effect "in the near future" says Hodge, and a new The Next Bang site simply hints that the renamed app is coming soon. It's not immediately clear whether The Next Bang will be the new name of the app or company. The hookup app works by anonymously connecting people through Facebook by allowing users to select which friends they're interested in. A connection is then made if both parties indicate they're interested in each other. The app rose to popularity through its controversial nature, with many suggesting the idea could revoluntionize social interactions. The attention led Apple to remove it from the company's App Store following widespread publicity over its use, before it eventually returned as Down.