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4chan, the cesspool of the internet, turns 10 today

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moot 4chan 10th birthday twitter
moot 4chan 10th birthday twitter

It was the best of the internet, it was the worst of the internet, and it's turning 10 years old today. The influence of the ephemeral image-based message board 4chan has only grown since Chris "Moot" Poole established it as a place to talk completely anonymously about anime, cats, boobs, and more. The lack of censorship inspired an outpouring of creativity from the site's 22.5 million readers that is both brilliant and brutal, as users unite to prosecute animal abusers or astroturf a wrist-slitting movement among Justin Bieber fans. It's also been criticized for hosting child pornography, although that's technically not allowed as it's illegal. The Daily Dot reviews 4chan's illustrious history to commemorate the milestone.