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Samsung brings out the puppets in its first ad for the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear

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Samsung Note 3 commercial
Samsung Note 3 commercial

Samsung's advertising onslaught for the new Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch has officially begun. The first commercial for both products is now available, and it's a significant departure from Samsung's typical ads — which often go for laughs and have been known to poke fun at the competition. Instead, Samsung sticks closely to its new "design your life" slogan, aiming to show how its latest products help boost a puppeteer's productivity ahead of her big show.

Overtop an ethereal audio track, Samsung demonstrates the Note 3's strengths including Air Command and S Pen's handwriting recognition. Naturally the ad also touches on the tight interplay between the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. Things get a bit weird and creepy when the string puppets come out, and it easily ranks among the strangest ads we've seen from Samsung to date. But it's also one you're unlikely to forget anytime soon — probably thanks to those puppets.