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Alleged Logitech game controller could turn your iPhone into a Vita

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Logitech iPhone controller (evleaks)
Logitech iPhone controller (evleaks)

Back in June we learned that iOS 7 would include standardized support for game controllers, but since then we've seen little of the gamepads themselves. New images posted on the @evleaks Twitter account could change that, however, showing off what appears to be a press photo of a Logitech controller add-on for the iPhone. It's very similar to the blurry image published by Kotaku in June, with a directional pad, four face buttons, and a pair of shoulder triggers. It's also a lengthy add-on, appearing to nearly double the iPhone 5's length. Of course, if it is a real product, the design could change before it's eventually released. Gamepads for mobile devices haven't really caught on among players, but there's definitely a place for them — while there are plenty of excellent touchscreen games to be found in the App Store, there are still quite a few blockbuster iOS titles that could do with physical controls like these.