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Will this gnarly, 3D-printed mold be your next toothbrush?

Will this gnarly, 3D-printed mold be your next toothbrush?

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The latest high-tech toothbrush on the market is a monstrous, gnarled mold filled with hundreds of bristles and thin, zigzagging lines of floss. It looks absolutely terrifying, but its maker, Blizzident, says it should have a revolutionary level of efficiency, claiming it'll take just six seconds to properly brush your teeth when using one.

Floss zigzags between every single tooth along form-fitting hooks

Though the prospect of putting the company's eponymous toothbrush in your mouth may seem horrifying, Blizzident says it should fit perfectly, and it really ought to: its toothbrushes are all custom-made to precisely form to the shape of each customer's mouth. Molds are all created by taking a 3D scan of someone's teeth, and then modifying a toothbrush to fit around them. They're then 3D printed as a plastic mold and embedded with about 400 bristles.

While Blizzident's speed claims may seem unlikely, it has a reasonable enough explanation for how they're achieved: its toothbrush is cleaning an entire mouthful of teeth at once. The toothbrush is meant to be bitten down and grinded on, while the bristles — all pointed directly toward your teeth at 45 degree angles — quickly swipe away at grime. A circular handle on the front of each toothbrush doubles as a storage holder for floss, which Blizzident says can be looped perfectly between each tooth thanks to form-fitting hooks that it builds into the mold.

Though you'll have to provide your own 3D scan, Blizzident is already starting to sell the toothbrushes. Your first brush will cost $299 to account for both printing and customizing the model. And naturally, you'll need to replace it as the bristles wear down — Blizzident suggests about once per year — though it's only charging $159 for additional brushes. It's a wild idea nonetheless, though whether the brush can live up to its lofty claims of quick and thorough dental hygiene is another matter entirely.