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Apple's next iPad may come in space gray like the iPhone 5s

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iPad space gray
iPad space gray

In case it wasn't obvious, Apple's next iPads will likely come in space gray. Yet another video of a leaked iPad casing appeared on YouTube today. It comes from Unbox Therapy, the same user that posted another set of iPad videos early last month. The space gray case has a noticeably darker appearance compared with the silver model, essentially matching the styling of the iPhone 5S and iPods. The move would bring visual parity to Apple's iOS product family. Rumors also indicate a gold next-generation iPad could be in the works to complete the line. The gold iPhone 5S continues to be in extremely tight supply, with Apple's online store still indicating a vague "October" shipping timeframe. Apple is expected to unveil a fifth-generation iPad and new iPad mini in the coming months, and these case leaks have seemingly become a routine (and perhaps unavoidable) occurrence ahead of iOS product releases.