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Ford CEO Mulally sidesteps rumors that he could become Microsoft's next chief

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Alan Mulally
Alan Mulally

Alan Mulally is known for turning companies like Ford and Boeing around while at the helm, but while Microsoft may be hoping he can do the same thing again after its CEO Steve Ballmer steps down sometime within the next year, Mulally isn't speaking to the possibility just yet. According to USA Today, Mulally denies that he's already planning on making the jump over to Microsoft from his current position as Ford's CEO. "I love serving Ford and have nothing new to add to [my] plans to continue serving Ford," he tells USA Today. Mulally has reportedly also mentioned that he will stay on at Ford until at least 2014.

But Microsoft is apparently considering him nonetheless. Bloomberg News is now backing up an earlier report from Reuters, saying that Microsoft's board is looking at Mulally as a potential replacement for Ballmer. The board's considerations are reportedly still very early, however, with a decision far from being made. With Ballmer admitting to Microsoft's struggles in the mobile market, finding a CEO who can change the company's prospects may well be an important one. The company should have plenty of other choices though — including Nokia's outgoing CEO, Stephen Elop — but whoever it chooses will find a company amidst what's likely to be a complicated transition into bundled hardware and services.