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Netflix expands its streaming library with final seasons of 'The Office' and '30 Rock'

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Netflix's original programming is currently grabbing awards and plaudits, but the streaming service hasn't given up the base of its business: licensed shows. Variety points out Netflix users can now find the final seasons of The Office and 30 Rock in their streaming library, alongside the most recent seasons of Parenthood and Parks and Recreation.

The new additions are the result of a long-term deal with NBC inked back in 2011. Now 192 episodes of the US version of The Office and 135 episodes of 30 Rock are available to Netflix users, allowing them to watch the shows from front to back in one superhuman sitting. The terms of the NBC deal mean that new episodes are currently only available to Netflix users in the US. Those based in other countries — or without proxy access — will have to wait for their version of Netflix to catch up.