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Watch this: plasma TV rides the lightning to a brilliant death

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plasma TV light show
plasma TV light show

He might be using an LG screen, but YouTuber Aussie50 has inadvertently provided a fitting send-off for the final shipments of Panasonic's beloved plasma TVs. The Australian tinkerer ran 2,000 volts through a plasma panel, causing it to fizz and pop like a fireworks display. Here's what it looks like:

The results are mesmerizing. Light courses along seemingly random lines as the screen throws out bright flashes every few seconds. It sounds like a fireworks display, too: the fifteen-minute video is punctuated by both explosive pops and crackles, and Aussie50's increasingly impressed commentary. Naturally, pumping such a high voltage through consumer electronics is wildly unsafe and inadvisable to try at home, but fortunately Aussie50 has a set of other plasma-torturing videos to satisfy your curiosity.