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Bill Nye launches YouTube series about NASA's mission to Jupiter

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Bill Nye
Bill Nye

Bill Nye has collaborated with NASA to launch a new eight-part web series on the agency's latest mission to Jupiter. The science enthusiast and TV host, who for years entertained kids with the PBS show Bill Nye the Science Guy, first teased a return to presenting back in July, noting that any show would "have to be with the right producers, and it would have to be a less unfavorable contract." Teaming up with NASA appears to have ticked the boxes for Nye.

The show is produced by Radical Media's THINKR, a drive to create quality thought-provoking content for YouTube. Called Why With Nye, it will attempt to "demystify the cutting-edge science" behind NASA's Juno probe. The initial batch of episodes are already available on YouTube, each exploring a different part of the Juno mission. If you're nostalgic for a revival of the science guy, or interested to learn more about Juno in a relaxed and fun way, you can watch the first episode here before heading to the show's YouTube channel, where an additional two episodes are waiting.