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SNES classic 'Final Fantasy VI' comes to iOS and Android this year

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final fantasy iphone
final fantasy iphone

It may have seemed inevitable given prior form, but it's good news nonetheless — Final Fantasy VI, one of the most well-regarded entries in the classic Japanese RPG series, will be joining the previous five games on iOS and Android this winter. The news comes courtesy of Kotaku, who spoke to Square Enix's Takashi Tokita about the new version of the game, originally released in the US as Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

If VI does well, could VII be next?

"It is basically like a remake of the original VI," says Tokita. "But there have been some enhancements." While the port will be in 2D, unlike the mobile versions of III and IV (which themselves were based on 3D remakes produced for the Nintendo DS), the graphics will be sharpened from the original SNES release, and the game will be rebalanced to streamline the battles with less necessary grinding.

Of course, Final Fantasy VI was followed by VII, the most popular game in the series and by far the most requested for a remake. Tokita says that if the mobile version of VI does well, Square Enix "would like to one day be able to work with VII." The publisher has a lot of work on its hands this winter, however — it's also announced plans to release the first eight Dragon Quest games on smartphones.