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LG puts curved batteries into mass production ahead of potential curved smartphone

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LG curved battery
LG curved battery

With a wave of curved phones and other gadgets on the way, batteries will inevitably need to follow the same trend. So LG has decided to get a head start; its LG Chem division has already put curved batteries into mass production. The batteries — a perfect match for the company's curved displays – will be used to power LG's next-generation smartphone lineup, according to a press release issued today. LG Chem also hopes to have the curved battery in other phones, watches, and glasses. The company says it owns an exclusive patent of "Stack & Folding" technology which reduces stress on curved battery designs.

LG is also trumpeting other battery advancements its made of late, including the "stepped battery" seen in its flagship G2; this combines two batteries in a step-like design that takes maximum advantage of space within a given device. Looking ahead to the future, LG Chem says it has what it calls a "cable battery" that's a few years from production. The company says this design is perfect for wearables, as it can be contorted and even tied into a knot.