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Meet the creators of the iconic Ford and American Airlines logos in 'Design Is One'

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bloomingdales (design is one)
bloomingdales (design is one)

You may not know the names Lella Vignelli and Massimo Vignelli, but you've probably seen their work: either separately or together, the pair have created iconic designs for Ford, American Airlines, and Bloomingdales — just to name a few — and are responsible for the striking and minimalist New York City subway map used through much of the 70s. Now a new documentary, called Design is One, is looking to introduce the couple behind the art, presenting interviews with the duo, chats with other designers about their impact, and an overview of just how much of their design surrounds us.

The documentary opens tomorrow for a week-long run at the IFC Center in New York, and should serve as a fine introduction to the Vignelli's modernist, often strongly geometric work. While the film's trailer gives a quick flash of the many companies and products touched by Vignelli design, you can see more of some of their most recognizable works over at the film's website and the Vignellis' own website.