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Google Malaysia home page falls victim to DNS attack

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google malaysia hack
google malaysia hack

Google's Malaysian home page is currently inaccessible after falling victim to an apparent hacking attack. A splash page at carries the message "Google Malaysia STAMPED by PAKISTANI LEETS", with "Team MadLEETS" claiming responsibility. The bottom of the page reads "Pakistan Zindabad," a patriotic slogan meaning "Long Live Pakistan."

The attack does not appear to be political in nature, however. "There’s not much reason behind it, only to prove that security is just an illusion. It does not exist," said team leader Leet in a statement to TechCrunch. "We have no political intentions whatsoever."

According to The Hackers Post, the incident is the latest in a long line of DNS poisoning attacks by Leet. Google Malaysia was similarly exploited in July.

The Verge has contacted Google for further information on the attack.

Update: Google has confirmed to The Verge that the problem is with the DNS registry side in Malaysia, and says that access should have been restored — although we have been unable to load the site for ourselves. Integricity, a Malaysian web hosting company used by Google, is tracking the issue and notes that it may take time for DNS servers to update globally.

"For a short period, some users visiting were redirected to a different website; Google services for the domain were not hacked," said Google in a statement provided to The Verge. "We've been in contact with the organization responsible for managing this domain name and the issue should be resolved."