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Hulu has a new CEO to replace interim boss and drive company forward

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It's easy to describe a company with an interim CEO as directionless, but that's exactly what Hulu has been over the past few months. Operating under the stewardship of Andy Forssell, Hulu was close to being bought for a mooted price of over $1 billion this summer, but a last-minute change of heart led to its owning group reinvesting in the service and, now, putting a new man in charge to steer it into the future.

Fox executive Mike Hopkins has been identified as the next CEO by reports from Bloomberg News and Reuters, though an official announcement hasn't yet been made. All Things D notes a departing email from interim chief Andy Forssell that has been distributed to employees, so the change in leadership looks all but assured.

Hopkins had been responsible for content distribution at Fox Networks, including negotiating deals with pay-TV operators. That experience meshes well with Hulu's ambitions to become a sort of online partner to the same services, and there's of course the benefit of him already working for Fox, which owns over a third of the company and was conducting the CEO search together with Disney.