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BBC releases long-lost 'Doctor Who' episodes exclusively on iTunes

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Old Doctor Who (fair use)
Old Doctor Who (fair use)

A few months back, rumor spread that a number of lost Doctor Who episodes were discovered in Nigeria. This morning, the BBC is making 11 lost episodes — nine of which have apparently not been seen for 46 years — available for purchase exclusively on iTunes. The broadcaster says it's remastered the episodes to restore them "to the fantastic quality that audiences expect from Doctor Who."

Hailing from the '60s, the episodes follow the show's old "story" format, which has since been supplanted by the more traditional "season" structure. There are two stories, each consisting of six episodes. The stories are the 1967 / 1968 The Enemy of the World, which was previously missing parts one, two, three, four, and six, and 1968's The Web of Fear, which was missing parts two, four, five, and six. Each six-episode story is priced at $9.99.