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Join R2-D2 and Hitler on an unforgettable ANSI acid trip

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Hitler ANSI art
Hitler ANSI art

Blocktronics' ACiD Trip is an animated version of an ANSI scroller created for the nonprofit organization Blocktronics, which aims to encourage, support, and preserve the digital text mode art community.

The simplest way to describe ANSI is as text art that draws from a complex character set. It rose to prominence during the heyday of the Bulletin Board System, an early form of computer-based communication. ACiD Productions was perhaps the most prominent ANSI art collective at the time, and it appears the group hasn't lost its touch.

ACiD Trip is "far and away" the longest ANSI scroller ever at 3,266 lines, and was designed by 23 artists working across six countries. First spotted by Waxy, it was created for and won first place in the ANSI / ASCII competition at Demosplash 2013, a conference celebrating the Demoscene.

The video version above was uploaded by Christian "RaD Man" Wirth, a founding member of ACiD Productions and a Blocktronics benefactor. During the video, you'll be visited by a young Steve Jobs, characters from Star Wars, Angry Birds, and what appears to be Adolf Hitler hitching a ride on the back of a purple alien. It's a psychedelic creation, well worth seven minutes of your time. If you prefer to take things at your own pace, you can scroll through the entire thing yourself, but it's definitely more impactful when viewed in video form on a large screen.