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Nearly one-third of internet users now upload videos, Pew finds

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More than twice as many people are posting videos online today than there were just four years ago, according to the latest poll from Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. While in 2009 only 14 percent of adult internet users posted videos, that number has now jumped up to 31 percent. Pew contributes some of that leap to apps like Vine, which it says have collectively gotten nearly a quarter of those people to upload videos. And while posting videos used to be fairly exclusive to males under the age of 30, now the average adult internet user is reportedly about as likely to upload one so long as they're under 50.

Nearly half of video uploaders have recorded their pets

Cat videos may be popular, but they aren't the most common videos people choose to shoot. Pew found that pet videos are shot by 45 percent of all adults who post videos online, while the most common subjects were everyday activities, people doing funny things, or live events like concerts or football games. And while it's far from ubiquitous, many uploaders hold something of dream that their video will go viral, with about 35 percent reportedly hoping they can reach a wide audience. Most people are fine with the content they've uploaded, but Pew found that 5 percent have regretted uploading a video.

The rise in video uploads comes as video viewing spikes as well. Pew reports that 78 percent of adult internet users now watch videos online, a jump of nine percent since 2009. Nearly everyone from age 18 to 29 watches videos online — though 13 percent of internet users from age 30 to 49 still don't. And above age 50, that number reportedly falls to just 58 percent.

Most viewers have watched comedy online

Most people who stream or download videos have done so to watch comedies or how-tos, and half of them have watched educational or music videos. The least popular genre that Pew measured was adult videos, which have doubled in popularity since 2007, but are reportedly only watched by 12 percent of internet-using adults.

In just about every measurement, Pew found a large gap in usage based on age and income differences. In general, internet users above the age of 50 or with a lower income were found to be less likely to watch and upload videos. Nevertheless, most usage is growing in a significant way, suggesting that it's a combination of both more accessible technology and spreading usage trends that are sending these numbers higher and higher every year.