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Play this: 'Type:Rider' is a history of typography disguised as a game

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There's no shortage of stylish puzzle-platform games you can play on your phone, but Type:Rider is something a bit different: it's a history lesson that you play. The game has you controlling two tiny circles through 10 stylish worlds, collecting items, solving simple puzzles, and navigating some treacherous terrain. The twist is that as you collect items, you unlock pages from a history book that provide genuinely interesting details on the history of typography — everything from cave paintings to where italics came from.

The game itself also does an excellent job of sticking in new gameplay twists to keep things interesting, like running water and beams of light that make you float, though the occasionally wonky physics can make things frustrating at times. But for $2.99 it's more than worth the price of entry — and you might even learn a thing or two along the way.