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Apple's 'spaceship' campus shown to scale in gorgeous miniature model

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We've seen plenty of mockups, renders, and even floor plans for Apple's proposed "spaceship" campus, but a new, intricately detailed model provides the best look yet at what Apple is hoping to build. The model you see above was shown to the San Jose Mercury News ahead of an October 15th Cupertino city council vote on the project.

And it's a sight to behold; the model provides a genuine sense of scale for the circular campus, parking structures, and other buildings Apple plans to erect nearby if given the OK. It also exudes an obsessive focus on detail. The perimeter of the spaceship itself is lit up to heighten the sense of realism, and you'll also see miniature forestation, nearby homes, roadways, and even tiny people dispersed throughout the vast model. It's the sort of model young kids would kill for and — assuming Apple can keep its budget in check — a stunning preview of what's to come.