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These sculptures turn everyday appliances into ghostly visions

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Do Ho Suh sculpture
Do Ho Suh sculpture

Korean artist Do Ho Suh's latest sculptures provide a detailed look inside everyday objects, but with a ghostly flare that gives them new life. Using translucent polyester, Suh has created scale replicas of everything from a fridge and stove to a bathtub and toilet, rendered in pale red and blue. What really brings these sculptures to life, though, is the translucency, which creates an eerie take on otherwise mundane objects. It's like looking at an X-ray vision of the appliances you interact with everyday. It looks great in photos, but you'll be able to see Suh's work in person very soon — his creations will be on display in Hong Kong at Lehmann Maupin starting November 14th, running all the way through to January 25th.