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Silk Road commemorated with special edition ecstasy pills

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TheHeineken Silk Road ecstasy pills
TheHeineken Silk Road ecstasy pills

A drug dealer is keeping the memory of digital black market Silk Road alive with specially-printed ecstasy pills. "To pay our respect to DPR and to forever remember the legacy that was Silk Road we have made a small batch of special units," reads a message on the online storefront for TheHeineken, which sells an array of narcotics. "DPR" refers to Dread Pirate Roberts, the man behind Silk Road. Last week the FBI arrested Ross Ulbricht — who the agency alleges is Dread Pirate Roberts — and shut down the marketplace. Ulbricht has denied all charges.

Since the shutdown a number of other sites have moved in to fill the gap left by the Silk Road, including Sheep Marketplace, where the specially-marked pills are being sold. The tablets are emblazoned with Silk Road's camel logo on one side and the initials "SR" on the other, and the seller notes that "We will offer this limited batch only in small quantitys for a limited time" [sic]. It seems drug dealers know the allure of limited editions just as well as video game publishers; just don't expect a behind-the-scenes DVD with your purchase.