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Stanley Kubrick reportedly considered a 'Dr. Strangelove' sequel directed by Terry Gilliam

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Dr. Strangelove
Dr. Strangelove

Stanley Kubrick was far from a prolific filmmaker, but if he had a bit more time he may have worked on a sequel to Dr. Strangelove: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Documents discovered after writer Terry Southern's death in 1995 revealed that Kubrick asked him to pen a script for such a sequel, tentatively called Son of Strangelove, according to Todd Brown of Twitch. The famed filmmaker intended for Terry Gilliam to direct the picture. Brown now reports that he has confirmed with Terry Gilliam that this story isn't just a Hollywood fable.

Gilliam told Brown at the Sitges Film Festival in Catalonia today: "I was told after Kubrick died — by someone who had been dealing with him — that he had been interested in trying to do another Strangelove with me directing." He adds, "I never knew about that until after he died, but I would have loved to." Imagining what Gilliam, the director of such vivid films as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Brazil, could have done with the world of Dr. Strangelove is fun, but it appears the project was very far from becoming a reality. Brown says that the limited documents on Son of Strangelove suggest the film would have taken place in underground bunkers after the apocalyptic events of the original, with Strangelove taking shelter with a group of female survivors.