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Kansas City Chiefs claim world record for loudest sports fans

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arrowhead stadium (flickr)
arrowhead stadium (flickr)

There's plenty of reason for Kansas City residents to be exultant these days — from Google's Fiber internet service to an unbeaten NFL team — and today they've expressed that joy in the most classic of ways: by shouting about it. This Sunday's tussle between the hometown Chiefs and the arch-rival Raiders generated a crowd roar of 137.5 decibels, according to the home team's sound engineers. That's just that extra bit louder than the Seattle Seahawks who've held the record for just under a month. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, the Seahawks' official Twitter account has congratulated the Chiefs, but promised to redouble its own efforts to better the newly set mark.

As it turns out, the Guinness World Records crew were on hand during the game to take their own measurements and they've confirmed the Chiefs' numbers. That makes them officially the world's loudest fans — or at least the world's loudest fans to have had their cheers recorded.