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New Yorkers miss chance to own an original Banksy for just $60

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The latest part of Banksy's multi-day New York City art show saw the street artist covertly put his art on sale at just $60 a piece. Although it's difficult to put a value on the stenciled works, collectors' appetite for original Banksy art is generally insatiable, and even the safest estimate would be tens of thousands of dollars per piece.

There were dozens of stencils on sale at an unambiguous Central Park stall simply labeled "spray art," but over the course of the day only eight were bought by three customers, generating a total haul of $420.

Given that reprints of Banksy's work are available from countless stores across the globe, it's no surprise that New Yorkers were suspicious. Unfortunately for anyone looking for a bargain, the opportunity is now gone: Banksy only announced the sale after the stall was closed, and it won't be coming back.