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LG G Flex leaks out with a spectacularly curved 6-inch display

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LG's counter to the Samsung Galaxy Round has emerged

Gallery Photo:
Gallery Photo:

Never willing to let Samsung have the upper hand for too long, LG is planning a counter to the Samsung Galaxy Round with its own curved smartphone, called the G Flex. The first rendered images of that handset have now leaked and The Verge has verified their authenticity. Though it's not shown turned on, the display in question is the same 6-inch OLED panel that was detailed in a recent press release from LG Display.

A person familiar with LG's plans tells The Verge that the company is working on releasing the G Flex in November, shortly after Google's Nexus 5 has been pushed out the door. Pricing, availability, and the like are still shrouded in mystery, but at least we know that one Korean company is doing a curved smartphone the right way.