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New Ostrich Pillow offers a slightly less embarrassing way to sleep in public

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Ostrich Pillow Light
Ostrich Pillow Light

European design house Studio Banana Things is following up its fantastically odd Ostrich Pillow with a new, slightly less ostentatious edition. The Ostrich Pillow Light is essentially a 360-degree pillow that also serves as a neck scarf, blindfold, and bold fashion statement.

Studio Banana Things' pitch is just the same as the original Ostrich Pillow, which was more of a beehive than a scarf: "You're not getting enough sleep, and this will let you nap anywhere." The real pitch should read: "if you're not brave enough to wear our insane Ostrich Pillow, this one is a tiny bit more sensible."

Ostrichpillow560stripThe original Ostrich Pillow.

Makers say it will ship before Christmas

The Ostrich Pillow Light is filled with "silicon coated micro-beads" that apparently help to reduce the amount of noise that will get through. Although Studio Banana Things is only selling one size, it should fit most heads thanks to an adjustable elastic ring.

It's available through Kickstarter, and provided the campaign reaches its £25,000 (roughly $40,000) target, should be shipped out to backers by December 15th this year. Although there's no guarantee the pillow will be funded, the positive response to the original Ostrich campaign — coupled with the latest campaign reaching almost 50 percent funding in its first day — makes its success very likely. It's priced at £28 ($44) for one or £49 ($79) for two, including shipping to the USA, Canada, mainland Europe, and the UK.