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Watch the new voice of the Joker nail Alan Moore's 'Killing Joke' monologue

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For the upcoming game Batman: Arkham Origins, voice actor Troy Baker is replacing Mark Hamill as the all-important voice of the Joker. Hamill voiced the Joker for both of the previous games in the Arkham series and is a big fan favorite, but any worries that Baker won't be able to capture the iconic supervillain's nature have been dispelled.

At the New York Comic Con, Baker took part in a panel on the game and used the opportunity to give us all a preview of what to expect. Voicing a one-minute monologue from Alan Moore's iconic one-shot Batman: The Killing Joke, Baker really brings the character to life. If there's one complaint to be leveraged against the performance, it's that Baker's interpretation of the classic character is perhaps too similar to Hamill's, but it makes sense to keep continuity with the previous games.