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US Cellular embraces shared data trend with new plans starting at $40

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US Cellular shared plans
US Cellular shared plans

With most major US carriers aggressively pushing shared data on consumers (and having some success doing so), it only makes sense for the smaller players to join in. This past weekend, US Cellular rolled out shared data plans of its own, all of which include tethering and support up to 10 simultaneous connections. Businesses can use up to 25 devices with one pool of data. Rates start at $40 for 300MB of shared data, extending all the way up to 75GB for a whopping $560. We suspect most customers will pick between the 2GB ($60) and 4GB ($70) options, though plans offering 6GB and up are discounted by 25 percent through the end of this year.

Unlimited voice and messaging are also packaged in, but keep in mind that you'll need to tack on extra fees for every device being used with your plan: smartphones require a $40 monthly fee, with basic feature phones costing $30, tablets at $10, and hotspots / wireless modems $20. For a limited time, US Cellular says it will wave those fees through the end of 2013 for customers that sign up for shared data. If all you're using is a tablet or hotspot, the carrier has data-only plans that start at $10 per month for 1 GB of data. And "basic phone" customers have the option of choosing from Talk and Text Only plans that include 450 voice minutes and unlimited messaging at $50