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Space shuttle Endeavour's final journey across the US captured in stunning timelapse

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NASA's Endeavour space shuttle has gone on a lot of wild rides — performing 25 missions in total — but its final trip was something of a somber one: a long procession across the United States toward its final resting place in California. But photographer Scott Andrews was along for the ride last year when the shuttle made its cross-country journey, and he's created an incredible, time-lapse video of its trip using entirely stop-motion photography. According to Time, Andrews and two others sorted through approximately 500 hours of footage to make their final six-minute video.

The film begins with Endeavour being prepared for its journey at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where it's loaded on top of a specialized 747 before being flown over to Los Angeles International Airport. From there, the shuttle slowly makes its way through the streets of LA to the California Science Center, where it's remained on display ever since. As the video shows, Endeavour may be retiring, but it received quite the send off as residents gathered around it almost nonstop to watching the massive ship squeeze through their tiny streets.