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Flickr redesigns individual picture pages with 25 percent larger photos

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flickr new view october 2013
flickr new view october 2013

Flickr has been all about putting big, bold, beautiful photos front and center since the website's massive redesign in May, but Yahoo just found one more place to make those photos bigger and more beautiful: individual photo pages. Today, the company previewed a redesign it's calling the "new photo experience," which makes images appear about 25 percent larger and places comments, tags, recommendations, and camera infomation just to the right of the photo.

Presently, Flickr displays images all by themselves in a black box above the rest of the interface, such that users typically have to scroll down to comment or find more details. The new design doesn't scroll at all, and looks both cleaner and a little more touch-friendly. Yahoo says it plans to roll out the redesign later this year, but you may already be able to try it out if you're lucky. Just tap "Try our new Photo Experience" if you see the option in your browser.