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Marvel reportedly prepping new suite of original shows for streaming services

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Marvel SDCC
Marvel SDCC

Marvel may be looking to extend its reach into TV programming in a significant way — and streaming video services could be the beneficiaries. Deadline reports that the company is putting together a package of four different original TV shows and a miniseries — 60 episodes of programming in total — that it will then shop to potential partners. Netflix, Amazon, and cable stations like WGN America are said to be amongst those Marvel is interested in working with.

Deadline makes it clear that the initiative is still in the very early stages, and there's as of yet no word on what creative talent is attached to the programs nor what Marvel characters they'd be based upon. ABC recently gave Marvel's Agents of SHIELD a full season order, and with the company on a hot streak there's little doubt that the programming package would garner considerable interest. Perhaps even more importantly, with Marvel's fan base the group of programs could allow a digital video provider the chance to buy a built-in audience in one fell swoop. Netflix has obviously had great success with its original programming, and has shown no hesitation in paying increasingly large amounts for both its licensed and original content. Competitors like Amazon, however, have yet to gain that same kind of momentum, opting for less-expensive comedies instead of the high-pedigree programming Netflix has invested in.