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Watch Pixar get spooky in its 'Toy Story OF TERROR!' trailer

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Pixar showed a trailer for its first ever TV special back in August. Now The Wall Street Journal has a new clip of the Halloween-themed feature in action. Toy Story OF TERROR! is a 22-minute mini-movie that tracks a bagful of the Toy Story toys as they're carted to grandma's house. En route, they're forced through a decidedly spooky gauntlet as car trouble forces the group into a shady motel. The Wall Street Journal's clip picks up with thespian hedgehog Mr. Pricklepants forecasting horror movie-style doom.

Toy Story OF TERROR! features performances from most of the trilogy's cast — Tim Allen and Tom Hanks return to voice Buzz and Woody respectively. The story is led by Joan Cusack's Jessie, only the second time a Pixar film has boasted a female lead after 2012's Brave. Andrew Stanton, co-writer of all three Toy Story feature films, told The Wall Street Journal that Jessie was the ideal fit for a Halloween special protagonist because of her established claustrophobia, and the story's placement in a travel bag.

Toy Story OF TERROR! will show on ABC on October 16th: just enough time for you to recover from the animated frights before Halloween itself.