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Sony SmartWatch 2, Xperia Z1, and Xperia Z Ultra go on sale in the US today

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You'll need at least $1,500 if you want to own all three

sony smartwatch 2
sony smartwatch 2

Sony may be focusing its energies on Europe and Japan, but today it's bringing some of its latest Android hardware to the US market as well. The new flagship Android phone, the Xperia Z1, is going on sale at Sony's online store for $649.99 — but beware, it only comes with HSPA+, there's no LTE connectivity. For the real 4G stuff, you'll have to spend $679.99, which is the unlocked price for the 6.4-inch Xperia Z Ultra's LTE model. Or if you don't need fast mobile speeds, you can save yourself 30 bucks with the $649.99 HSPA+ variant. Both devices are available now from select Sony stores and online retailers in a choice of black, white, or purple.

Sharing the Android heritage and waterproof durability of its Xperia brandmates, the SmartWatch 2 is also coming to the United States today. The Japanese company's Galaxy Gear competitor costs $199.99, again from Sony's online store and a select number of other online vendors along with some of Sony's physical retail locations.