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Felix Baumgartner documentary 'Mission to the Edge of Space' now streaming free on Rdio

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felix baumgartner (red bull stratos)
felix baumgartner (red bull stratos)

One year and one day ago, Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier by leaping out of a capsule on the fringes of our atmosphere. Music streaming service Rdio is now showing Mission to the Edge of Space: The Inside Story Behind Red Bull Stratos, a documentary that follows Baumgartner and his crew in the five years prior to his record breaking freefall.

Red Bull released its own footage to commemorate the anniversary of the jump, releasing this video showing multiple angles and vital mission data during the leap, including Baumgartner's altitude, and the G-forces acting on his body.

'Mission to the Edge of Space' is free to watch if you sign up for an Rdio trial

Rdio is following in the footsteps of other streaming services such as Netflix in driving to secure exclusive deals with original programming. But Mission to the Edge of Space is something of a strange showing for a music streaming service, especially when Rdio released its own video streaming service — Vdio — in June of this year. Presumably the Baumgartner documentary will be used to build Rdio's user base: Mission to the Edge of Space is free to watch when you sign up for a trial with the service. It also promises access to "music that inspired Felix to break the sound barrier" that may or may not be Eye of the Tiger on loop.