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Apple sends invitations to October 22nd event: 'we still have a lot to cover'

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Apple event
Apple event

This time it won't be about phones, but Apple has more to talk about this fall — the company's just sent out invitations to an event on October 22nd in San Francisco. It's likely that this is where it will announce new iPads, along with the final features and availability of OS X 10.9 Mavericks, new MacBook Pros, and maybe even the wild new Mac Pro we first saw at WWDC in June. We may also hear about Apple TV, and rumors continue to fly that Apple's working on a smartwatch. Whatever there is to see, The Verge will be there live with up-to-the-second updates on anything and everything the company might show.

iPads, MacBooks, Mavericks, TV — and maybe a watch?

The primary focus is expected to be on the iPad, with both of Apple's tablets undergoing a refresh. Rumors and leaks point to the two models taking cues from one another: photos show a slimmer, narrower 9.7-inch iPad that looks more like last year's iPad mini, and a 7.8-inch mini with a Retina display that will look as good as its larger sibling. Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor is a likely new addition to the lineup, as is Apple's new A7 processor. Less certain is whether or not the iPad will follow in the iPhone 5C's colorful footsteps, or if Apple might be working on a new screen size entirely.

Regardless of what Apple decides to unveil, The Verge will be there live — so tune in on the 22nd so you can follow our live blog for every piece of news as it happens.