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Tim Cook celebrates Cupertino's approval of Apple spaceship campus

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Tim Cook has a small reason to celebrate today, as Apple was finally given approval by the Cupertino City Council to build its new "spaceship" campus. "Our home for innovation and creativity for decades to come," Cook says of the campus in a tweet. Apple still has a long way to go before it'll be moving in, however. Should construction go as scheduled, the new campus won't begin holding Apple employees until sometime in mid-2016.

The project has already been pushed back once — construction was originally scheduled to begin last year — and there are some concerns that the project's budget may be running high as well. But the major hurdle to beginning construction has now been passed nonetheless. While the San Jose Mercury News reports that Cupertino's city council will have to meet one additional time, on November 15th, to issue a final approval, it says that after last night's vote the Apple's spaceship campus has effectively received all of the approval it needs.