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36-megapixel images shot with the Sony Alpha 7R

36-megapixel images shot with the Sony Alpha 7R


7360 x 4912 pixels take up an average of roughly 14MB, and that's if you're only shooting JPEGs

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Sony Alpha 7R sample photos
Sony Alpha 7R sample photos

Image quality is ultimately what it all comes down to, right? We can talk full-frame specs and compact ergonomics until we're blue in the face, but the true test of a camera like the Sony Alpha 7R is in the pictures it produces.

Sony is confident enough in its new Alpha series to have allowed us to take a set of sample photos today. The firmware on board isn't yet final, it's still being tweaked and updated, but these images should give a good indication of what Sony's highest-resolution camera sensor can do. All photos were taken using the kit 28-70mm lens.


Lady-in-green Construction-site Light

River-guide London-bridge Alpha-r7-in-hand

Exploded-view London-mist Big-lens